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Today’s Encouraging Thought…

A note about “Today’s encouraging thought…”

Thank you all for being so gracious in your comments to me publicly and privately regarding taking the month of January off from posting “Today’s Encouraging Thought.” During this time, one thing God impressed upon my heart more vividly than ever is how His Word speaks for itself. So, in light of this, “Today’s encouraging thought” is taking on a new title, and will simply be called “Fix Your Eyes…” a Scripture focus with fewer, less or no comments from me. I believe this is exactly how the Lord is leading. This month will begin with an emphasis on prayer and promises. I hope you will be equally as encouraged and blessed with “Fix Your Eyes” as you were with “Today’s Encouraging Thought.” Words cannot express how each of you who ‘like,’ comment and/or share these posts bless my very heart, and I pray His richest blessings on each of you as well as we, together, fix our eyes on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith.