In You Alone

by Dori Drabek

In You alone Lord, yes You alone,
I live and move and breathe
To enjoy this abundant life!

In You my ears hear and enjoy
Your morning orchestration
From the chords of feathered friends.

In You my eyes feast on the beauty
Of each uniquely colored rose
As dew drops glisten from its petals.

In You I joyfully discern the fragrance
And distinct difference between
Every savory herb and spice.

In You my mouth waters profusely
At the variety of delicious tastes
Your amazing creation provides.

In You I can feel the ultra soft cheek
Of a newborn baby’s precious face
And feel its tender breathe upon my neck.

Yes, Lord, it is truly in You alone
That I live and breathe and move,
And everything else imaginable!

Even the senses of my very being are
Your means to open my heart and soul
To all You are and all You have done…

And to me, Lord, You are Everything!