4 thoughts on “Today’s Encouraging Thought…

  1. That is a beautiful picture, Margaret… It is also becoming so much more clear to me as well. And oh, how we need that…for our Heavenly Daddy to fight for us, to bind our wounds and mend our hearts. He is the best hug ever! Your words are beautiful, dear sister, the picture is as clear as Lynn’s paintings, and your friendship is so very precious to me! Love, hugs and blessings… ❤️😘✝️

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  2. Reading this I kept hearing, when we are weak, then He is strong!!!! Amen. He loves us so much, and He fights for His beloved Dori, every day! His sweet child Dori. I love that verse too, and lately when I read it, I see a different picture than I use to. I use to see me armoured up ready to battle. Now I see it as armour that protects me as I pray while God fights the battle before me :):) I love you too Sister. I love our Bible study too!!

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  3. I understand Margaret…because we each have our old nature to contend with, but only the Lord can help us in the victory. It is powerful spiritual strategy to pray and praise! You worded it perfectly! I love how, in Ephesians 6, Paul lists all the pieces of the armor of God, and then strongly adds the strategy of praying always. Prayer is our strategy, and praise is our faith trusting the victory before, during and after the battle. It is all so incredible, how the Lord works. I LOVE YOU…thank you for stirring all these thoughts in my heart and mind today…It has been a week of Spriritual Warfare so these thoughts are fresh in my mind. It’s like we’re doing a little Bible study together! HUGE HUGS and SO MUCH LOVE! 🤗❤️

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