4 thoughts on “Today’s Encouraging Thought…

  1. You have expressed it so beautifully, Dori! And there is so much truth in your words… when the Bible comes alive for us it is because we know the one who is called The Word. Love this!! Thank you!! ❤️

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  2. Amen! Praise God! I am truly amazed at the revelations God keeps showing me. He shows them to us all, I am not special by any means but you know what I mean. I read verses and don’t understand them, ALL the time. Then, I will read it, and it is as clear as a bell, and then like a pair of glasses, when I read things pertaining to it, it is clear. God knows I can’t handle all the knowledge at once. Couldn’t handle it, or digest it. He is good to feed me the portions I can digest. Hallelujah!!!

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