Today’s Encouraging Thought…

Through Christ, we are spotless in God’s eyes…It is because of Jesus’ righteousness and finished work on the cross, not of ourselves, that we are guaranteed this miracle! HE is our righteousness!


4 thoughts on “Today’s Encouraging Thought…

  1. I just looked real quick, and I do thank you so much! I received the Liebster Award prior to this, so I will humbly accept your nomination as ‘a wonderful source of encouragement,’ my friend, which is one of the many things you do SO well!! Your vote of confidence is always a shot in the arm for me! Thank you so much! 💖💖💖


  2. I think it may have been for me as well! Yes, definitely the heart of the Gospel, my friend. And thank you SO much for the award. I’m humbled! Will look it over asap! Blessings!!! ✝️💕😘


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