Today’s Encouraging Thought…

He makes all things new…. A new way through the valley to mountains of blessings, through spiritual drought to springs of Living Water, and through the wilderness to pastures of peace and abundance. As we release the old, yes, He brings NEW!


2 thoughts on “Today’s Encouraging Thought…

  1. Hi Margaret, I miss you too… Yes, all is well…been super busy, in and out of town, and a couple of events coming up, plus more travel to attend a conference and then see our kids…along with planning a few things at our home church as well. ‘Tis the season! Always say that I’d rather be busy than board, but I think I want to be board for a while! LOL How are things with you? I pray the Lord is blessing you as well!!! 💖😘💕🙏🏻💖


Thank you for your comment, I will reply asap. :)

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