Son of Abba

Barabbas means “Son of Abba.” That stirs in me…Barabbas, son of Abba, was the one assigned to the middle cross! He was the sinner, the accused, the one deserving of suffering and death. And yet, he walked out of his cell into freedom, welcomed by the crowd’s celebration and victory chants.

The cross he’d been assigned to did not stand empty that day. Jesus took his place. It was the great exchange. The deserving sinner walked free as the Lamb of God – our Perfect Savior – took his place and ours upon the cross of Calvary. Barabbas had fully earned the word “Guilty” to be posted over his head but in it’s place, over Jesus’ head, were the words “King of the Jews.”

Our Savior and King willingly took Barabbas’ place and ours. He hung in the balance between life and death, unrecognizable…brutally beaten until his bones were exposed, his beard was plucked out, a crown of thorns pushed onto his head; He was spit upon, naked and mocked and then, finally, nailed to Barabbas’ cross where He would breathe His last breath.

But Barabbas…ah yes, then there was Barabbas, aka son of Abba, set free, 100% free! As are we, children of the Most High God…those who believe, receive, accept God’s Gift! Yes, anyone who trusts in Jesus Christ is set free from every sin they ever committed or ever will commit. Through Christ, we become beloved sons and daughters of Abba, the Most High God, the One who destined His Son to that cross…for us.

We are set free from the our guilt, from the separation from Abba that we deserve, and we are now joint heirs with the One who laid down His life for us! Abba loved us too much to not do this for us! His love compelled Him to provide for us…abundant life here on earth and eternal life in Heaven with Him! May we never forget the day Jesus took our place and set us free.

Oh Lord, the words ‘Thank You!’ are never enough, but THANK YOU! May we live our lives every day as a thank you to You, to honor and represent You to this world…out of pure love for You, Abba!

Reference: Mark 15:6-15

©Celebrate His Love, 2019

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