Fix Your Eyes on Giving Thanks…

Fix Your Eyes on Giving Thanks…

Happy November, everyone! Though we can extend gratitude, thanks and praise every day of our lives, November is typically the month we refocus on “Thanksgiving” more than usual. There is so much joy and power in praise. It is truly a strategic action plan we can take against the enemy and his tactics. Rather than grumble about our problems and rehearse our grievances to each other over and over again until they grow larger and larger like the proverbial fish story, we can choose to focus on what we have to be thankful for and praise God from sincere hearts overflowing with gratitude! The result? Our joy will grow larger and larger, and we will become more enthused and encouraged ourselves. We will be people that reflect the light and life of our Glorious Savior to a world in need! I am personally deeply thankful for each of you who follow “Fix Your Eyes” each day and send encouraging thoughts to me as well. God bless you this month with hearts full of gratitude! 💖🙌🏻✝️😘

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