Fix Your Eyes on His Story…

As Christmas quickly approaches, we see the conclusion of another year in history. For some of you, it may have been unbelievably rough year, for others it has been an amazing ride. Either way, YOU…your very life…is a part of history, a part of His Story. This month we will be focusing on one of the two most sacred segments of His Story, His miraculous virgin birth…the other being, of course, His sacrificial death and miraculous resurrection. It is my hope, as we celebrate and share gifts with each other, that we will do so reflecting on the Greatest Gift ever given, and may our Lord and Savior illuminate every part of of your life this Glorious Christmas Season! And more than anything, I pray His love will be born afresh in each life, bringing renewed faith and hope as a New Year approaches. ❤️🎄😘🌠

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