Celebrate the Love…

Celebrate the Love… Typically, February is known for Valentine’s Day, a day when lovers, young and old, exchange glittering cards filled with heartfelt poetry, share a special dinner or send flowers and candy to each other…and, of course, we can’t forget the fun children share as they exchange cards and candy in their elementary school classrooms! However, this month’s theme, “Celebrate the Love,” will focus more on the deepest, richest love relationship possible…the love our Heavenly Father has for us as His beloved sons and daughters, the love we can freely express back to Him and the love we share with one another. Beginning with John 3:16, the Golden Text of the Bible, we see that God so loved the world that He gave…He gave before we deserved it, earned it or even knew He existed. God’s love is a giving and forgiving kind of love, it’s a love that we can grow to know and exemplify the more we know Him and His Word. It is my hope that each of you not only know and experience His love, but that you will truly CELEBRATE it with me this month…Happy February!

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