Celebrate the Blessings…

March is here! A month where green clothing makes its way out of our closets and corned beef and cabbage go on sale at the grocery store…all in celebration of an Irish tradition called Saint Patrick’s Day. The luck of the Irish is a term often used when things go extraordinarily well for someone. And you don’t have to be lucky or Irish to enjoy the fun and food during the month of March. So now, rather than focusing on ‘luck,’ we are going to focus on the many extraordinary ‘blessings’ we enjoy from our compassionate, loving and most generous Heavenly Father. It is my prayer that each day’s verse will be a true blessing to your very soul! Though these verses are directly from the Word of God who is the Author and finisher of our faith, I am still deeply blessed by your insightful and kind comments. And whether you wear red, orange, yellow, blue, pink, purple or, yes, even GREEN, I hope you have a truly blessed month! 💖✝️😊

Thank you for your comment, I will reply asap. :)

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