2 thoughts on “Celebrate the Blessings…

  1. That truly is a ‘blessing’ that they would display such faith through song during these times. There truly is power in praise… it lifts the burdens off our shoulders, lightens our hearts and multiplies our joy tremendously! Thank you so much for sharing that story with me! Counting my blessings, of which you are one! 🙂


  2. There is an old hymn Count your blessings i share quite often. A care facility employs monthly asking to have the gifts God gave me to share. On facebook last night, one of these facilities posted a group singing this hymn from their doors across the corridor since the quarentines . When I normally play and if a resident cant get out to come to the sitting area in public, they open their door to hear what music is coming from the piano as i give. I am honored and humbled.

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