Celebrate the Promises…

Today I was reminded of the power of praise in our lives! Regardless of the storms we go through, we can know that we are not alone. Jesus is in the boat with us, and He can and will calm the raging sea in us and around us. Our part? Call on Him, trust His promises and praise Him, yes, even in the storm. When we praise God, the enemy flees and joy returns…test it, watch, wait and see! To celebrate is to commemorate, make known publicly and proclaim. Bottom line, it is to praise! It radiates our faith to an unbelieving world and, hopefully, some will see the absolute glory of the the LORD of Lords and the KING of Kings and believe! So this month, especially in ‘this’ storm of Covid-19, let us Celebrate the Promises, trusting our Savior wholeheartedly as we look forward to His miraculous deliverance! 🙌🏻❤️✝️😊

One thought on “Celebrate the Promises…

  1. Amen! Perfect intro for April, as we do need to trust full-heartedly in God The Father and Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to deliver us from this Coronavirus crisis! And that Bible verse is so true, God has throughout the history of the world worked many miracles that have made people believe in Him and Praise Him! 😀👍👊✋😍💙💛💯🎉🙏⛪️✝️

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