2 thoughts on “Celebrate the Promises…

  1. Evan, I’m glad you are growing in your knowledge of the grace of God. I have always said that if we can fully grasp the magnitude of the grace, love and mercy of God, we would be a lot easier on ourselves. You are ever in my prayers. I’m so proud of you and your faithful efforts to grow in His grace. Happy Easter, Evan! ❤️✝️🙌🏻🙏🏻🥰

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  2. Amen! With Jesus by our side, we don’t need to worry about anything because He will take care of it, so we just need to focus on seeking God’s Kingdom and righteousness! I needed that right now because I keep struggling with letting myself get too anxious about things and also I get anxiety due to continuing to feel guilt about and beat myself up too much about things I have done wrong in the past but have received forgiveness from God and also from the people it affected, but lately I am finally seeing improvement at being able to tell Satan to take a hike and then replacing it with positive thoughts about the many good times I have had with these people since the wrongdoings were repented of, so I will keep relying on God to increase that improvement day by day or sometimes even hour by hour or minute by minute, as sometimes the improvement happens faster and then sometimes it takes a little more time! 😀👍👊✋😍💙💛💯🎉🙏⛪️✝️

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