3 thoughts on “Celebrate the Peace…

  1. That’s awesome, Evan… you are passing on to others the wonderful things the Lord is teaching you! Besides growing in our faith, that is another blessing (silver lining, so to speak) of our trials… fear, anxiety or whatever! You’re a blessing to so many! Keep it up! 🙏🏻✝️🙌🏻

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  2. Amen that’s one of my favorite verses Pastor Mike quotes it a lot and it helps reduce my anxiety by giving everything to God in Prayer and this week I feel like he is answering every single Prayer of mine as the week goes on! And I texted that Philippians chapter 4 verses 4-7 to one of my online friends, Lindsay Renee who I now keep in touch with through text message since I left social media and she said it really helped comfort her when she was both sick and also anxious because of all the COVID-19 stuff going on and I told my Pastor Pastor Mike since he quotes that verse a lot and it warmed his heart! 😀👍👊✋😍💙💛💯🎉🙏⛪️✝️

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