Celebrate the Peace…

Celebrate the Peace…
The Eastern White Pine is known in some cultures as the “Tree of Peace.” It is a beautiful bluish or greenish tree, and this fast-growing foliage can be found throughout North America, especially in Maine and Michigan where they have chosen it as their state tree. Fast growing…what a perfect term to apply to a tree that represents peace. Just as fear and unrest can be contagious and fast growing, wouldn’t it be wonderful if peace could be even more contagious and so fast growing that it spread like wild fire. This is my prayer…for this miraculous peace that passes all understanding to be fast growing in each of our hearts, and in hearts throughout our country and our world. Peace be with you! 🙏🏻✝️❤️🌲

One thought on “Celebrate the Peace…

  1. Amen! Jesus, under the guidance of our Father in Heaven who sent Him, grants peace to all who believe in Him! And BTW, when you mentioned Michigan in your summary of that “Tree of Peace”, that made me happy because it reminded me of my favorite online friend who I still stayed in touch with after leaving social media, Lindsay Renee, because she lives in Michigan! 😀👍👊✋😍💙💛💯🎉🙏⛪️✝️

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