Verse of the Week…

Though I am usually up pretty early, I am NOT a morning person by nature.😴 Thus, I get a good laugh out of mugs that say things like, “Good morning, Gorgeous!” or “Good morning, Sunshine” or one I recently saw that says “Let’s Get this Day Started!” Uh, no, let’s wait a while! 😅

The mug pictured here, however, gives me something to think about as I come out my early morning brain fog… “What good shall I do this day?” Though the ‘what’ we do is often in question until our day unfolds, the ‘how’ we do it can be determined as we reset our hearts and minds to be on our guard, stand firm in faith, be courageous and strong, and mostly to do everything in love. Oh how I pray we do! 🙏🏻✝️❤️🥰

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