Verse of the Week…

As we continue through February, I thought 🤔💭 ‘What better thing to chat about than the matchless love of God!’ God is love and He blesses us with the absolute privilege of knowing Him and making His amazing love known to our generation…to love one another. Oh, how I desire to be a vessel, a conduit as it were, of His love. When I fail, I have to admit, it affects me deeply.

Thankfully, His love is laced with His boundless mercy and grace, so much so that even when I mess up, He still loves me…even when life is hard, He still loves me…even at my most undeserving moments, yes, He still loves me. And yes, He still loves you too. How can we ever lives of gratitude to the same degree of His love? Bottom line, we can’t…thus, mercy bursts forth and grace abounds all the more!

It’s unfathomable, yet, I believe it, accept it and depend on it more than ever! Today I just want to praise Him for Who He is, for how He SO loved the world that He gave His one and only Son as a sacrifice for our sins! May we follow His blessed example and SO love one another.❣️🥰❣️

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