Verse of the Week…

The Holy Spirit is our Advocate. The Amplified Version goes on to also call Him our Helper, Comforter, Intercessor, Counselor, Strengthener and Standby. He is sent by the Father to remind us of what He has said, and what we have heard, read, learned and experienced. In this crazy world, it is far too easy to get off track and lose our focus. We need ‘The Great Reminder’ every day to renew our minds, refresh our memories and keep us going in the right direction. He is our GPS, our Compass, our Guide. One thing I have noticed about my GPS… It only takes me to the right place if I listen, and so it is with the Holy Spirit. 🤔💭👂🏼🕊❣️

6 thoughts on “Verse of the Week…

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  2. Sis, I’m sharing this for my site tomorrow 5-17-2022. I copied it exactly like you have it and posted your site link and the post link. I didn’t reblog it so I could schedule it. I hope that is okay. You should get at least a pingback plus I put a link to View Original Post. God Bless.

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