Verse of the Week…

The greatest Walk of Love, in my humble opinion, was when Jesus walked the cobblestone road up to Calvary’s hill. With the Garden of Gethsemane behind Him, He was fully surrendered to the Father’s will as He carried the cross He would be nailed to and crucified upon for you and me. He had lived a perfect, sinless life, yet, He had been stripped naked, mocked, had a crown of thorns pressed into His brow, been spit upon, had his beard plucked out and was brutally beaten to near death. Yet, knowing His mission – the Cross He would bear for the sins of the whole world – He willingly trudged up the hill to Calvary out of sheer love of you and me… Yes, He did it all for us. He was a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God on our behalf. Though it is something we can and should thank Him for every day of our lives, this great act of love is worthy of our concentrated and deep contemplation this coming week leading up to Good Friday. This is a time to remember His death and, of course, His Victorious Resurrection which we will celebrate this coming Sunday. Hallelujah! Our Savior Lives! 🙌🏻✝️🕊❤️

A dirt road off the beaten path, McCall, Idaho

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