Verse of the Week…

Are you up to the challenge to love like Jesus? I know in myself, I am not, except that He gets ahold of my heart, intent, motives and attitude. It’s important to know what His Word says, and to commit to having the mind of Christ and surrender the ways of the natural, sinful man for His ways. Living with His perspective makes each of us happier, more joyful and more productive people for the Kingdom of God. It’s important to ask the Lord frequently to help us see people through the lens of His loving eyes, rather than with human eyes. Human perspective can be blurred by feelings and insecurities; it can be critical, competitive, judgmental and anything but loving. I have to wonder what HE truly sees through His eyes of love? What would we see through His eyes?? I’m not 100% sure, but I’m thinking He sees that our greatest need is for more of Him and less of us, that we each have a story, a history, and a truckload of needs, baggage, brokenness and burdens. He sees each work in progress, knowing where we started and knowing even better where He wants to take us. We are unfinished Masterpieces in the Masters hands. Oh, to see everyone we meet with this kind of vision…ever so much that we could truly love our enemies as HE loves them…as HE loves US! That is the true measure of loving like Jesus. ❣️✝️🥰🙌🏻🌷

4 thoughts on “Verse of the Week…

  1. I used to have this question too until I understood what it meant. I’ll be covering this on my blog soon. I also have a verse post coming on Monday. Good thought-provoking post.


  2. How my heart wants to love like Jesus. Since I fail at this at times I use His love for me to motivate me to love others. The more I see the sinfulness in more the more I must focus on His love for me.

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